Staff and Board

SkyeDance is populated by a full time Dance officer who is overseen by a board of trustees. Read more below.


SkyeDance Board Members

SkyeDance is overseen by a board of trustees. The members are listed below.

Shirley Taylor - Chair Person

Rebecca Hodgetts - Vice Chair Person

Treasurer - Ceitidh Douglas

Secretary - Laura MacDonald

SkyeDance also has several board members - Rachel Morrison, Naomi Cain, Roslyn James, Katie Martin, Helen Danter, Peggy Scott Moncrieff, Fiona Wilson.

Our organisations members and trustees

SkyeDance has one full-time member of staff who is part funded by The Robertson Trust . We also employ Freelance staff and Guest teachers to deliver one-off workshops and projects.

Skye Dance officer Ailsa Mcinnes

Meet our Dance officer - Ailsa McInnes

Ailsa began her dancing career at The Scottish School of Contemporary Dance in Dundee where she gained her HND in Contemporary Dance Performance. Ailsa’s training consisted of mostly ballet and contemporary with some other styles mixed in such as Jazz, Capoeira and Hip Hop.


Ailsa participated in many different workshops led by well-known dancers, companies and choreographers such as Scottish Dance Theatre, Scottish Ballet, Fleur Darkin, Thomas Small, Errol White, Jack Webb and many more. Whilst still training Ailsa worked for three months in Pennsylvania where she taught dance six days a week, choreographing dance pieces for different shows in and around New York. She was lucky enough to get to work alongside dancers from New York Ballet whilst working here which was an amazing experience!


After finishing her training Ailsa went on to work full time for a dance charity in Edinburgh where she was a part of the management team and a senior dance teacher. This was a fast paced and exciting opportunity where she was able to build on her teaching experience. After working in this job for almost a year Ailsa felt it was time for a change and applied here with us at SkyeDance. She initially was employed as Graduate Dance Support Officer but In April 2019 was promoted to Dance Officer.


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SkyeDance is populated by a full time dance officer who runs our programmes and also a board of trustees with board members. To read more about the individuals involved with our organisation, please click the button below.


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SkyeDance are proud to be a community centred charity. Using the medium of dance we are able to offer classes to all ages and abilities. Many of our classes also offer therapeutic benefits as-well as the physical and mental heath benefits.




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Skye Dance officer Ailsa Mcinnes
Skye Dance officer Ailsa Mcinnes
Skye Dance officer Ailsa Mcinnes
Skye Dance officer Ailsa Mcinnes