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A variety of dance skills and styles

The boys learn different dancing skills and styles, and each year they perform a choreographed routine at our annual Summer Showcase and our Christmas Show. This has really helped to build on the boys confidence and we are now looking into having the group perform at other events around the island and then, hopefully, around Scotland.

Continued funding has allowed us to carry on our weekly class and in 2020 we held our first ever Boys Only Dance Camp for a full week during the October holidays. The camp was a huge success and the group is now going from strength to strength. The class aims to reduce the stigma around male dancers by providing a supportive and non-judgemental environment for young males to explore dance and increase their bodies movement vocabulary.


Promoting health

Our Boys Only group started in August 2018 to help encourage boys to participate in dance  and allow them to meet other boys from different schools around the island. The class began with around seven boys who attended the weekly class in Portree, but soon word spread and the numbers began to grow. After a year of running the class our Boys Only Group grew to fifteen participants which was a massive achievement on our island. We have one boy who travels by ferry from the Isle of Raasay each week to dance with his newly made group of friends. This social aspect is very important, especially due to living in such a rural location as it allows the group to create new friendships out with their schools and provide them with a supportive group of friends who all have one interest in common, dance.

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