SkyeDance provide a diverse range of classes for those as young as two years up to Adults across Skye & Lochalsh.


We also deliver weekend, one off and holiday workshops. Please see our events page for up-coming workshops. 

For our up to date schedule of classes, check out our timetable. To enrol your child or find out more information, please contact us.

See below our class descriptions 🙂




Tiny Tots (2-4)

This 45 minute class is designed for little ones who want to explore dance and movement in a fun and creative way. We will explore music and dance through favorite nursery rhymes, as well as developing essential life skills such as, imagination, co-ordination skills, social and motor skills. We ask that a parent/guardian is present in this class and we are happy for one adult to be in charge of two children.

If you are interested in a class like this please contact us as this class can only run if there is enough interest.




Mini Ballet (5-6):

This 45 minute class is an introduction to ballet. We will develop the skills and techniques of Ballet through the use of music and props. We promote a fun filled and imaginative class in a safe and nurturing learning environment. Within our classes we work to create a relaxed but disciplined atmosphere. This class requires a set uniform which you can find on our uniform sheet.

*This class is on a waiting list – please contact us if you would like your child to be added*

Beginners Ballet (7-11)

This 60 minute class introduces the fundamental techniques of Ballet, working on turn-out, posture, flexibility, discipline and poise. The class will strive for the best of the pupils ability helping to build social and co-ordination skills, as well as spatial awareness and performance skills. We incorporate Floor Barre into this class to help build flexibility and strength within the body. This class requires a set uniform which you can find on our uniform sheet.

Intermediate Ballet (12+)

This 60 minute class works on the dancers stamina, strength and ballet technique. Throughout the class they take part in barre exercises, centre work and travelling sequences which incorporate techniques practiced at the beginning of class and built up. The level of concentration needed is high, and the dancers learn ways to carry out each technical movement in its simplest form before progressing to learn its advanced version.




Mini Modern, Tap & Creative (4-6)

This 60 minute class is full of 20 minutes each of Modern, Tap & Creative movement. We will explore high and low, left to right, back to front a range of dance movement. This class develops the child’s own creativity and imagination to dance, fundamentally engaging the child to explore their personal movement range. As well as this we do incorporate set movement tasks specific to an area of development, such as the use of floor, space, musicality and use of rhythm. We follow the set syllabus for ISTD Modern and offer free tap and creative movement. The use of props and unusual music is essential in this lesson.

*This class is on a waiting list – please contact us if you would like your child to be added*

Grade 1 Modern & Tap (7-11)

This 60 minute class for 7-11 years follows the ISTD Modern Theatre syllabus and an introduction to tap. The class is developed to build strong technique, musicality, rhythm as well as performance skills in a fun and engaging learning environment. We work towards Modern Theatre exams in this class.

Tap Dance (11+)

This 45 minute class will work your feet hard. From a shuffle ball change to a Susie que we will learn all the classic tap moves. This is a fun and energetic class which will really make you want to move your feet. Building on rhythm and performance skills this class will strengthen your ankles and help you build on isolations. A great class for any dancer to make sure they understand dancing to the beat, on the beat or off the beat.


Modern Theatre dance is a rhythmic dance style which originated in America before travelling to the rest of the world. It is often seen on the stages of musical productions and is known for its theatrical qualities. The style uses travelling steps, high kicks, leaps and turns which all need strength and flexibility. This is a highly energetic dance style. These classes are usually 60 minutes where we will work towards sitting exams in which you will receive a certificate and can work towards higher levels which offer UCAS points. This class requires a set uniform which you can find on our uniform sheet.




Junior Creative Dance (7-11)

This 60 minute class promotes individuality and self-expression. This high energy class offers young people the chance to learn how to choreograph and create their own dance routines. Following mainly a contemporary style technique, we will also try out dance styles such as hip-hop, Jazz, Modern, alongside other styles. Working individually, in pairs, trios or groups we offer young people to build working relationships with their peers and develop essential social skills.

*This class is on a waiting list – please contact us if you would like your child to be added*

Contemporary Level One (11-13)

This 60 minute class is an introduction to the techniques of Contemporary Dance. Incorporating the use of flow, connection, release, floorwork, contractions, elevation and expression within dance exercises and routines will offer the dancer the chance to connect with how their body moves. A high energy class which will work on increasing stamina, strength, flexibility, co-ordination as well as social skills, self-expression and confidence building.

*This class is on a waiting list – please contact us if you would like your child to be added*

Contemporary Level Two (14+)

This 60 minute class is an intermediate level to Contemporary Dance. In this class we will expand on the techniques and exercises built within the Level One class (you do not need to attend the Level One class to attend Level two) we will develop a stronger connection to the body and how it responds to movement. Building strength and flexibility.

Lyrical Dance (12+)

This 45 minute class will incorporate Ballet and Jazz techniques to develop a Lyrical dance style. Whilst taking the techniques from both these styles and mixing them together will build flow and help make movement look effortless, building on self-expression and performance skills. This class will help build turn-out, flexibility and strength. This class requires a set uniform which you can find on our uniform sheet.




Junior Hip-Hop (7-11)

A 45 minute session where we learn movements from styles such as hip hop, street, break-dance, popping and locking and many more. This class will allow you to explore how to isolate your body movements whilst looking cool when you do them. A fun an energetic class.

Senior Hip-Hop/Commercial (12+)

This 45 minute class focuses on sharp movements to strict timings. The class consists of learning Hip Hop techniques along with some commercial style routines, and working on the dancers confidence and precision. Variations of Hip Hop styles are taught to the dancers and music is used to help influence the dancers movements and the way they hold their bodies whilst dancing to this funky and often serious dance style




Adult Dance Mix

This 45 minute class is set in a fun and laid back atmosphere, to upbeat and funky music to get you in the mood for dancing like you just don’t care! Aimed at all ages and abilities of adults, this class will help to build on your co-ordination, rhythm, flexibility and fitness. The styles can vary from contemporary, jazz, country, ballet and many many more. Each session is built up of different exercises all of which are taught and broken down each week. At the end we work on a short dance that is practiced each week (last term we did Rock ‘n’ Roll). No dance experience is needed and the class is a drop in!

*Due to popularity of the class we ask that you sign up in advance*